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Its main goal is to bring 200 million new retail investors to crypto by eliminating all fiat obstacles on the way to crypto.

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Built on proven security and technological record. A high level of digital asset protection and safe record of transactions.Built on fair-exchange protocols enabling cryptocurrency atomic swaps to mitigate counter-part risk. Advisory and technology services to execute third-party ICOs.

Muhammed Tabish
Chief Marketing Officer
Muhammed Tabish heads up the dev team and designs, illustrates and loves helping businesses grow. He has 5 years of experience delivering solutions, products, and projects for large and small companies. Prior to starting CFA, Tabish grew and managed his own event company "Canny Crew" and He also serves on several advisory boards of for-profit and non-profit organizations. Tabish studied computer science at the University of Szabist, where he ran track and field numerous events resulting in the creation of Canny Crew. Canny Crew continues to operate under the aegis of Tabish.  
Jai Dev
VP of Technology
Jai Dev handles front-end, design & UX, manages projects team while fostering a healthy design crush. He has experience with Web Devolpment, Graphic Designing, and UI/UX related activities. Prior to CFA, Jai founded and is still running the successful e-commerce website known as "ShopzNowpk". Jai is an expert on state-of-the-art technology platforms and frameworks, with a focus on big data, cyber security and database management. Jai has a Bachelor in Technology Management from Szabist University Karachi.  
Ghulam Ahmed
Chief Technology Officer
Ghulam Ahmed, front-end guru and  develops for the web & mobile, susceptible to long hiccups. Ghulam is a digital transformation expert with over 5 years of experience. He has successfully delivered high-quality technology solutions spanning cloud, mobile, web and big data for both public and private markets. Ghulam has worked for companies like 10Pearl, Tricentris, and Flash Media in the past. Ghulam holds a Computer Science degree from King's College London.
Shayan Surya
Senior VP Operations
Shayan Surya handles new business and client strategy, bassist for hire. Shayan Surya has focused his career on helping high-growth businesses understand and manage the financial dynamics of business in a rapidly changing environment. Prior to starting CFA, Shayan spents three years working in Afiniti Pakistan. His assignments included production support, Dev Ops & oversees international clients. Shayan has a BBA in Managemnet from Szabist University, Karachi.      
Safwan Ahmed
Technical Senior Advisor
Safwan Ahmed is co-founder and chief meme officer, manages the 💵. Prior to CFA, Safwan grew and managed a software testing company for 5 years before being starting his recent project (CFA). He now focuses on avoiding the common break/fix mentality around security, and instead finding ways to architect and build security into systems and products. Safwan is a certified Applied Machine Learning From McGill University and a graduate of Concordia University with a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Blockchain.      
Mohammed Haris Bandukda
Chief Executive Officer
Mohammed Haris Bandukda is co-founder, Director & Curb Your Enthusiasm of Crypto For All, Pakistan. Mohammed is a strong leader with a tested project management background, capable of motivating teams and various business groups to achieve customer success, delivery, and operational excellence. Mohammed holds several certifications in the MicroFocus tools including Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Unified Functional Testing (UFT). He graduated from Concordia University, Montreal with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education & Networking. He lives in Karachi, and shuttles between Montreal, Karachi and other locations.
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